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PlanetWeather Weeks: 3/14 & 3/21/16 

 “Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” 
– Robert Brault


 Image: Woods While Walking  - Oja copyright

Dear friends: Daylight Savings Time is here – more light all around and Welcome Spring on 3/20/16,  the new start to the Zodiacal year. Cosmically yours, Dorothy

What You Need to Know for the Next Two Weeks: 
The Cosmic Headlines

Summary: Between 3/12 – 3/19/16, there are 7 planets in mutable signs (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter , Saturn and Neptune). Between 3/13-15, the Moon/Gemini joins and triggers the group, creating a Grand Cross configuration (four or more planets each at 90 degrees to the other) and gathering 8 out of 10 planets in mutable signs! The mutable signs are Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces and Gemini. This is a real mutable dilemma. We may feel like we’re in a hurricane – with too many things to attend to and too much information to sort and synthesize. We may feel at loose ends or feel pressure to tie up lingering details. There may be complex situations to unravel that are not easily resolved, with many disparate facets and confounding grey areas. Solutions come from seeking the information you lack, stepping back, reflecting – then making your best decision.

Venus in mutable, water Pisces square Mars in mutable fire Sagittarius @ 2 degrees on 3/14/16. This is not a very unusual contact, but it is more meaningful these days because Mars is slow, about to retrograde, and so possesses a greater aggressive energy that we need to pay attention to. This aspect sparks and can mean some exciting times in relationships. It’s another opportunity to get clear on some relationship dynamics.

Jupiter Rx in mutable, earth Virgo trine Pluto in cardinal, earth Capricorn @ 17degrees on 3/16/16. Certain markets may surge with this combination. The intrinsic energy of this combination is for expansion of resources and calculated risk-taking but only after careful scrutiny. An opportunity from the past may resurface. Groundwork previously laid may yield results.

The Vernal Equinox. The Sun enters Aries on 3/20/16 @ 12:31AM EDT. And we’ve come round again to the official start of the Zodiacal year at 0 degrees Aries, also called the Vernal or Spring Equinox. Day and night (the “nox” in equinox) are of equal (the “equi” part) length and light will increase for the next three months in the Northern hemisphere Until the Summer Solstice on 6/20/16. In ancient times, the Vernal Equinox was celebrated as renewal and re-awakening to the surge of the life force after the incubation-time of the winter (in the Northern hemisphere).

Mercury enters cardinal, fire Aries on 3/21/16 until 4/5/16. Fiery energy is increasing with Uranus, Sun, Mars, and now Mercury in fire signs and along with that impatience, and the need for speed. And yet, ruled by Mars – in Sadge presently, and slowing as it reaches its retrograde station – there’s a distinct undertow of frustration. Mercury in Aries normally is a quick study – intuitive, animated and direct in speech, often impetuous.

Jupiter Rx/Virgo square Saturn in mutable, fire Sagittarius @ 16degrees on 3/23/16. Expansion (Jupiter) meets contraction (Saturn) and a trade has to be made, a bargain struck, and compromise reached. The question becomes – where do we expand and where do we cut back? Discrimination is the key with Jupiter/Virgo ruling Sagittarius, where Saturn is placed. This combination favors pulling back and conserving; excesses will likely backfire. Steady progress and considered, calculated risks will have greater success.

Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon @ 3 Libra on 3/23/16. This eclipse pairs with the Solar Eclipse of 3/9/16, and also belongs to the same family, Saros Series 18 South. Not as strong as the previous Total Solar eclipse, this penumbral eclipse only partially covers the disk of the Moon. Still, there are electromagnetic energy changes with any eclipse, and if the eclipse degree contacts a planet or point in your chart, it will represent an emphasis for at least the coming year and maybe longer. Three months past the eclipse the Sun re-triggers the eclipse and there are other planets that will re-trigger the eclipse degree over time. Saros Series 18 South has the following quality: “This family of eclipses is concerned with endings or separations…which could bring much anguish or grief. However, the pain of the separation is lessened by encountering new situations which lead to very positive outcomes.” (Excerpt from The Eagle and the Lark by Bernadette Brady.) There are additional relevant patterns in the chart of this eclipse family, which began on August 20, 1096. There’s an unexpected and sudden quality – more so, if it is connected to Uranus in your chart. Although sudden, a flash of truth and reasons for change will be apparent, if you are willing to see that. As things clear, something new and more authentic emerges.

Saturn in mutable, earth Virgo turns Stationary Retrograde on 3/25/16 @ 16 degrees, until 8/13/16. The plans you’ve formulated, the foundation you’ve laid down will be under review during the term of Saturn’s retrograde. In the sign of Sadge, the retrograde review involves our beliefs and how we embody them in our lives. We’re asked to look at the often unconscious ways we align ourselves with beliefs without knowing why. Saturn seeks to pare down and weed out anything that is non-essential to best functioning. By nature, Saturn is also skeptical of information or dogma presented to it and will want confirmation and proof that what is stated is valid and solid and workable.

**Mars entered mutable, fire Sagittarius on 3/5/16. This is the sign of the upcoming Mars retrograde (4/17/16). Mars is exuberant and expansive in a Jupiter-ruled sign – the sign of the seeker, wanderer, adventurer and eternal student. Among its abilities are teaching, sales, and inspiration. In fact, this Mars is quite convincing and is known to talk a blue streak when it wants to share information or a story with you. Mars/Sadge is warm and engaging but tends to “push its luck,” Jupiter being the sign of good fortune and opportunity. Mars, then, is actively engaged in finding and taking advantage of opportunities. At its worst manifestation, Mars/Sadge is an opportunist or someone who tries to convince you of something when in actuality it is something they want for themselves, with your help, of course. This is the signature of the salesperson with the gift of talking his/her way in and out of anything. At its best, Mars/Sadge is the one who inspires and transmits wisdom from a host of life experiences and is willing to share those insights in shared communication, teaching and writing. Note: we are not done with Mars in Scorpio – half of Mars retro will take place in Scorpio. This retrograde combination is the instinct to detect false advertising or promotion and uncover the motives of those who seek to convince you or sell you! Perfect for a Presidential race! About every 26 months Mars turns retrograde and we’ll continue to discuss this further in PW issues to come.

Image: Amaryllis - Oja copyright
Nancy Reagan Dead. Former first lady and wife of President Ronald Reagan died on 3/6/16, at the age of 93 of congestive heart failure. The love and devotion of the Reagans to each other is well-known and publicized. Nancy was a young actress when she met Ronald Reagan, also an actor and then President of the Screen Actor’s Guild. The Reagans pursued politics and Ronald Reagan became Governor of California, serving two terms. The Reagans won the White House in 1981 for two terms and Nancy became First lady of the land.

In astrological circles she is well-known as having used an astrologer (Joan Quigly) to plan and time official activities for her husband, Ronald Reagan after an assassination attempt on his life in 1981. The fact that she so strictly managed the President’s activities was revealed  in a book of memoirs in 1988, by former White House Chief of Staff Donald Regan and caused her much public embarrassment.  Nancy Reagan’s answer to the criticism regarding her use of astrology was, "Astrology was simply one of the ways I coped with the fear I felt after my husband almost died... Was astrology one of the reasons [further attempts did not occur]? I don't really believe it was, but I don't really believe it wasn't." She is best known for her War on Drugs slogan, “Just say no,” and her extensive restoration of the White House. The main criticism levied against the Reagans is that they ignored the AIDS epidemic, even though many physicians and other officials urged them to respond as thousands were dying in America and elsewhere. Nancy Reagan is a breast cancer survivor and had a mastectomy. Ronald Reagan contracted Alzheimer’s disease in 1994, and Nancy became his primary caretaker until he died in 2004.

Nancy Reagan was born on July 6, 1921, 1:18PM, in Manhattan, NY. The time has an A rating. Her chart pattern is called a fan. She has nine planets grouped closely together nearly within 120 degrees and one Planet, Uranus/Pisces, a singleton, outside of that grouping. The Uranus singleton tells us immediately that she will buck the system in some way and be open to divination (Pisces) of some kind. She has four planets in Cancer (Mercury Rx, Sun, Mars and Pluto – in that order). The Moon disposing of the cancer grouping is in Leo and in orb of a conjunction with Neptune/Leo. With a Libra Ascendant, the chart ruler is Venus, strong in its own sign of Taurus. Her strength and controlling tendencies come from Mars conjunct Pluto, Moon in fixed Leo and Venus/Taurus, chart ruler located in House 8. The two remaining planets in her chart are in Virgo (Jupiter conjunct Saturn). Nancy Reagan died with transiting Pluto opposite her Mercury and transiting Neptune conjunct her Uranus and Mars/Scorpio having opposed the ruler of her chart Venus/Taurus.

Mitt Romney’s Speech to Republicans. The “Stop Trump” plan by some members of the Republican Party had an unexpected bombshell start with a speech delivered by Mitt Romney on 3/3/16. It seems Republicans have been slow to awaken from the nightmare that has become the outrageous and mostly crass entertainment reality-show of Donald Trump, candidate for the Leader of the Free World. It’s clear that the Republican Party is poised to split and implode even further from what we have already seen. Romney’s speech had a long laundry list in which he mentioned every single infraction, insult, and vulgarity stated by the infamous real-estate mogul (“I am very rich”) would-be President of the United States, since he announced his candidacy. Of course, taking Trump to task at this point may be way too late. Trump has ignited the anger, aggression, and frustration alive in society and is fanning those flames as often as possible. (The Secret Service code name for Trump is “Mogul!”)

Mitt Romney was born on 3/12/47 @ 9:51AM, Detroit, Michigan and he just had a birthday! His solar energy is active, which is the case for everyone around their birthday. We are more apt to shine and be willing to be in the spotlight or on stage during our birthday month. We want to be seen and acknowledged, especially during that time. Romney has three planets in Pisces Mars, Mercury Rx and the Sun. Transiting Neptune is making its way across that grouping; it’s just at the beginning of it, and hovering around Romney’s Mars/Pisces. This is another indication that Romney felt compelled to “out” Trump. Like many, Romney’s sensibilities have been outraged by the pure crassness pf Trump’s uncontrolled and over-the-top rhetoric. Transiting Mars/Scorpio (raw political and personal power) has also been triggering and probably irritating Romney’s Moon/Jupiter/Scorpio. It looks like we’re having a revolution in this country and the extremely wealthy want to rule the country (again!)

As we went to press, Marco Rubio was interviewed on CNN’s State of the Union. Although, we don’t support many of his policies, his interview was impressive. He said what many people have been thinking for a long-time about the nightmare that is Trump. Rubio, with more experience under his belt will probably continue to rise politically and maybe he will evolve from some of his entrenched views. That said, this interview is worth watching. Rubio is clear, cogent and solid.

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Void-of-Course Moon  - 
Knowing when VOC Moons occur is key to planning your successful week!

The Void-of-course (VOC) Moon is a kind of limbo. As it reaches the end of a sign, the Moon makes no major aspect to another planet before it enters the next sign. VOC is best for less outcome-oriented activity, since VOC often means detours, distractions, drifting, or delays. If you want specific outcomes, or if timeliness is critical, don’t use a VOC Moon time. VOC is best for processing, imagining, creating, and open-ended activities, like parties, research, or cleaning your desk/closet for instance! It is said that when a new action is initiated during VOC, “nothing will come of it,” or energies go in unplanned directions, which may not necessarily be negative.
Week of 3/14/16 – Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
(St. Patrick’s Day!) and Sunday (Spring Equinox – Sun enters Aries ) are the most active days energetically – more Moon or planetary aspects for engagement with others, projects, and stimulation for producing results, or demands/challenges. On 3/15/16, the Moon is VOC/Gemini from 1:03PM EDT until 8:57PM EDT. – On 3/18/16, the Moon is VOC/Cancer from 12:09AM until 3:54AM EDT. On 3/19/16, The Moon is VOC/Leo from 4:43PM until 1:39PM EDT (next afternoon – long one!)

Week of 3/21/16Monday (Mercury enters Aries), Wednesday (Lunar Eclipse Full Moon), Thursday, and Friday (Saturn turns Stationary Retrograde) are the most active days energetically – more Moon or planetary aspects for engagement with others, projects, and stimulation for producing results, or demands/challenges. ––– On 3/21/16, the Moon is VOC/Virgo from 11:54PM, all day 3/22/16, and until 1:23AM EDT on 3/23/16 (over 24 hours!) On 3/24/16, the Moon is VOC/Libra from 4:55PM until 2:09PM (next afternoon!) On 3/27/16, the Moon is VOC/Scorpio from 3:25AM until 2:46AM EDT (long one!)
Blue Flowers  - copyright Oja
SkyWatch for Weeks 3/14 & 3/21/16
 Moon phase for the week of 3/14: 3/15 – The Moon enters Her First Quarter phase at 1:03 PM EDT, at 25 degrees of Gemini. This is the "following Moon" that lazily rises around noon and follows the Sun down along its westerly track, gradually falling farther and farther behind day by day until it rises a week later (as the Full Moon) just after the Sun has set. Following the cycles of the Moon by watching Her phase changes from day to day vs. Her separation from the Sun is an illuminating skywatching exercise. Skywatching events of the week: The Moon makes no close aspects to any planets this week nor do any planets make closest approaches to each other. The five planets visible to the unaided eye remain as "morning stars" in the eastern sky ranged along the Zodiac in the early morning – Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Mercury moves too close to the Sun to be visible after mid-month and Jupiter switches to being an "evening star," setting after the Sun in late March.
Moon phase for the week of 3/21: 3/23 – The Moon reaches perfect Fullness at 8:01 AM EDT, at 3 degrees of Libra. This Full Moon also brings a partial lunar eclipse, the first of two such lunar eclipses in 2016. Both are "penumbral" eclipses where only a part of the Earth's shadow, the penumbra, passes across the Moon’s face. In Native American and folk traditions, this is the Worm Moon, signaling the appearance of earthworms as harbingers of spring, also known as the Sap Moon because, well, the sap starts rising in the trees. Skywatching events of the week: 3/21 – The waxing Half Moon makes a close pass by Jupiter. Their point of closest approach happens in mid-evening when both are high in the western sky, perfectly placed for watching them set together as viewed from the US East Coast.
Space News and Weather: The European Space Agency's ExoMars combination Mars orbiter and lander is scheduled to be launched atop a Russian Proton rocket this coming week. The ESA orbiter will photograph Mars from orbit while the short-lived lander will prepare for a more extensive surface mission in a couple of years. This follow-on mission will actually look for signs of life on the Red Planet. (NASA's rovers to date have merely looked for the "ingredients of life," not quite the same thing!) ESA's follow-on to ExoMars will include a deep drilling mechanism for extracting sub-surface samples to test for the presence of living organisms on Mars where life, if it exists, is believed to be hunkered down safely away from Mars's inhospitable surface. For more information, click the following link:   Go Out! Look Up!

Copyright © 2016 Dorothy Oja All rights reserved.
General editing and science editor, John Flagg.
Opinions and interpretation/analysis expressed are the sole intellectual property of Dorothy Oja. PW emerged from transcripts of a weekly radio show in 1996.

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