In the last five years there's been a resurgence of desires to express the wealth of my imaginative archives and the impressions I've absorbed from countless, amazing life adventures. Although I’ve worked in various media, including writing, collage, block prints - my primary interest right now is photography and digital wizardry with PhotoShop. Most recently, I'm entranced with effects obtained using macro lenses and the interplay of light on objects. The designs and patterns of the ordinary morphing into the extraordinary are a fascination and thrill. This absorption has resulted in several series of photographic focus, one of which is “Worlds.” The “Worlds” were my artistic response to the impending war in Iraq, March 2003. For three years now, these images were made into a charming 12-month desk calendar encased in a plastic jewel case, with removable images for each month.

The MUSES project, depicting twelve women and one baby clothed in renaissance garb and hinting at the mingling of tradition with contemporary life was a collaborative effort with Magdalena Taber. The poses were inspired by the prints of Raphael Sanzio, an Italian painter who lived and worked in the 1500’s. These prints have been in my possession and on my dining room walls for over 25 years. The MUSES are a glorious joy to behold and honor the timelessness of the feminine spirit.

My love of the exotic and unique and unusual patterns found everywhere - has led me to take my camera on my travels and has resulted in the Travel Series.

The purity of nature brings the series, “Along The Charles River” and various other floral and natural world design images.

Creative pursuit has facilitated the search and the struggle for myself, the meaning of life experiences and the clash of cultures. For me, art is the pursuit of ecstasy. Capturing a photographic image or completing a design is euphoric.

“The contemplation of objects, the image that rises out of the reveries those objects provoke – those are the song.” Stéphane Mallarmé.

My images were shown and exhibited locally since 2002 including at Evos Arts, The Whistler Museum, The Brush Gallery in Lowell, MA, and Cambridge Art Association, and three times, including a solo show, at exclusively an online showcase for artwork.

Several images have been used commercially for magazine covers and brochures or made into high quality notecards and bookmarks.


Dorothy Oja






Images and artwork are the creation of Dorothy Oja. All rights reserved. 2006-2013.
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