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Planet WeatherTM for the Week of May 27, 2001
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Memorial Day is May 28, 2001!
Happy Birthday Gemini, Communicator of the Zodiac! The Sun is in Gemini from 5/20 to 6/21/01.
You're in good Zodiac company with: : Anne Frank, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Marilyn Monroe, Liam Neeson. .
Gemini is a mutable, air (flexible) sign ruled by Mercury (mind).

Sun enters Gemini on May 20, 2001 @ 7:44PM EDT.
The symbol for Gemini is "The twins" indicating the dual nature of the sign. Gemini's dual nature is indicated by Mercury, its ruler. In order to fashion language and communicate effectively, initially there is mimicking, repeating and contrasting a single word, idea or piece of information against another or something you already have on file. Geminis love information, including juicy gossip, mental stimulation and keeping current on events and happenings in their environment.

Planetary Highlights this week:

OverView -- Pluto Rx(retrograde) Sagg, 3/17/01 to 8/23/01. Neptune Rx Aquarius, 5/10/01 to 10/17/01. Mars (assertion) in Sagittarius from 2/14 to 9/8/01. Mars in fiery Sagittarius turned Rx @ 29 deg. on 5/11/01 until 7/19/01. Due to its Rx cycle, Mars will remain in Sagittarius either direct or Rx for nearly seven months! (Normal Mars travel is about 6 weeks per sign). The 29th degree of any sign is considered to be critical and portends potentially explosive happenings/actions during this Mars Rx cycle in a fire sign.

Mercury Rx alert! Mercury turns Rx @ 29 Gemini on 6/4/01 until 6/28/01. With Mercury triggering (by opposition -- 180 deg.) the point at which Mars turned Rx (29 Sagg), reversals are in full swing. The most notable as of this writing is political power-switching from GOP to Dems in the new Senate majority. Six planets focalized in the Gem/Sagg axis -- a condition that's been detailed in recent issues of PW -- is reaching peak. In the next several weeks, the news will be filled with philosophical debate and spin control, religion, education, social/cultural consciousness, energy distribution, travel, language and learning to name just a few of the obvious issues. What is potentially explosive will ignite. Personally, you are prompted to become more aware of either choices made or not made and opportunities available now. Quality of life is a prevailing motivation, based on sound thinking and belief systems and the correct choices that will bring it to manifestation.

Uranus turns Rx @ 24 Aquarius on May 29, 2001, until 10/30/01. Uranus retraces its path back to 1/17/01. This planet is concerned with individuality, human rights, truth, advancements and the future. Additionally, it values scientific and technological improvement and, in general, enhancement of global consciousness. Personally, it triggers issues of personal freedom in the way you run your life, whether you tell the truth to others and to yourself, and the ability to step back and see the bigger picture and be able to laugh at the eccentricities and foibles of human life.

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A Breach in the Ranks! GOP Senator Jim Jeffords is leaving the GOP. This one man, by his historic decision has changed the landscape of political power in the Senate and has shaken up the Washington power base. The scales are now tipped to favor the Democratic agenda and the Bush administration is dumbfounded, no doubt! A fascinating event with Mars Rx which often indicates letting something go, after a deeper understanding of issues that have been at the forefront and nagging at one's consciousness. Jeffords has always been a moderate and, accordingly, has become increasingly dissatisfied with the conservative leanings of the party he belonged to for over 25 years. Jeffords' change of mind and heart is a perfect example of how current planetary patterns stimulated a life change. Jeffords is a Taurus with Mercury and Mars in Taurus. The intrinsic nature of Taurus is to stick with things unless -- staying becomes decidedly unpleasant. Remember the Taurus archetype, ruled by Venus, seeks pleasure as well as fair-play and common courtesies. According to reports, Jeffords was ill-treated for breaking ranks with Republican policies and often snubbed. Jeffords is devoted to educational reforms (Sagg/Gemini axis in high profile, at present) but the Bush White House wasn't putting forth the measures Jeffords felt necessary. Seantor Jim Jeffords was born with Saturn in Aquarius and here's where we find the somewhat maverick and unusual streak (Jeffords holds a black belt in Tae Kwan Do) in the normally calm and collected Taurean. Uranus, slowing down and readying to Rx is currently conjoining Jeffords' Saturn in Aquarius. The Uranian electric light illuminated the true nature of his philosophy and prompted his decision to leave the GOP ranks. The finger of fate always points the way. Bush was not elected by the majority and it's important for him to remember that his agenda must address the collective views of the majority of Americans, rather than the views of the few. Seems like a wake-up call!

Remember: Mundane astrological patterns (occurring in the sky now) become most important to you if they connect mathematically to planets/points in your birth chart. Otherwise, these patterns reflect general energetic conditions expressed in society and culture. But you can tap into the collective energy, of course.

Planetary Lineup:

Sun-Gemini, Mercury-Gemini, Venus-Aries, Mars Rx-Sagittarius, Jupiter-Gemini,
Saturn-Gemini, Uranus-Rx-Aquarius, Neptune Rx-Aquarius, Pluto Rx-Sagittarius
(Rx means retrograde -- apparent backward motion of a planet as seen from the Earth. SD means Stationary Direct, the resumption of forward motion of a planet.)
Fire - 3, Earth - 0, Air - 6, Water - 0 = Planets in Element distribution. (Since the Moon moves quickly, 2 days per sign, it is not included in the tally -- the Moon moves through each element 3 times per month.) Air leads with six placements, followed by Fire, with threeand no Earth or Water placements. There's a definite imbalance. Spend more time on Earth and Water issues -- taking your time, planning, protecting, considering longer term consequences and fitting feelings, compassion and emotion into the equation.

Days of the Week and Moon Changes

Sunday, May 27, 2001
Moon VOC in Cancer, Cardinal, Water (clannish, maternal).
(VOC=Void of Course. The Moon makes no major contact with another planet before it leaves a sign. Indicates disconnected feelings and random, free-floating moods. An easygoing and less-structured time, not the best time for major decisions or starting new projects. VOC ends as the Moon enters the next sign.)
Moon into Leo, Fixed, Fire (proud, loyal) @ 1:12AM EDT.

  • Lead with your heart today, you can't go wrong. Creativity is abundant so expand your understanding of any creative project you have in the works. Find time for spontaneous play and later allow for some quiet to ponder life's mysteries.

    Monday, May 28, 2001 -
    Moon in Leo.

  • You're feeling expansive and generous and others are receptive to your needs. It's a great day to get what you want, especially if you can make a good case for it. With your second wind, celebrate and make it an atypical fun Monday.

    Tuesday, May 29, 2001 - First Quarter Moon, 8 Virgo @ 6:09PM EDT. Uranus turns Rx.
    Moon in Leo,
    VOC @ 1:13AM EDT.
    Moon into Virgo, Mutable, Earth (efficient, organized) @ 3:38AM EDT.

  • This can prove to be a tense and annoying day with its share of pressures. Play it as it lays and just deal with issues as calmly as you can. Make sure you're not working at cross purposes. Review the tasks at hand, prioritize and achieve

    Wednesday, May 30, 2001 -
    Moon in Virgo.

  • Things can pile up around you but smile in the midst of the chaos. You could even find satisfaction in creating order. Strong feelings are easily generated in people around you, so tread carefully and pay attention to your tasks. Breathe!

    Thursday, May 31, 2001 -
    Moon in Virgo,
    VOC @ 5:40AM EDT.
    Moon into Libra, Cardinal Air (engaging, fair) @ 6:41AM EDT.

  • You wake up with a better sense of balance and equanimity. Team up with others to get the job done. Mutual support is the best way to get through life. Plan a social gathering, any size, for some fun schmoozing and watch your spirits soar.

    Friday, June 1, 2001 -
    Moon in Libra.

  • You are privy to some powerful information. Question is -- how will you use it? Taking a chance and being vulnerable works in your favor today. You're feeling restless and possibly willing to take some risks. Ponder the consequences.

    Saturday, June 2, 2001 -
    Moon in Libra,
    VOC@10:41AM EDT
    Moon into ScorpioFixed, Water (intense, perceptive) @ 10:56AM EDT.

  • Moody and a bit brooding or could be that you're chewing on some very important stuff. Give yourself some private time to incubate and settle a struggle or conundrum and then come out and debate some hot topics with feisty friends.

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