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Planet WeatherTM for the Week of May 20, 2001
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A Safe and Fun Memorial Day weekend to all!
Happy Birthday Gemini, Communicator of the Zodiac! The Sun is in Gemini from 5/20 to 6/21/01.
You're in good Zodiac company with: : Isadora Duncan, Miles Davis, Anne Heche, Clint Eastwood.
Gemini is a mutable, air (flexible) sign ruled by Mercury (mind).

Sun enters Gemini on May 20, 2001 @ 7:44PM EDT.
Gemini rules the arms, hands and nervous system. It represents who we are through language, how we gather information, what we wish to learn, how we develop reasoning and perspective and how we communicate ideas and thoughts to others.

Planetary Highlights this week:

OverView -- Pluto Rx(retrograde) Sagg, 3/17/01 to 8/23/01. Neptune Rx Aquarius, 5/10/01 to 10/17/01. Mars (assertion) in Sagittarius from 2/14 to 9/8/01. Mars in fiery Sagittarius turned Rx @ 29 deg. on 5/11/01 until 7/19/01. Due to its Rx cycle, Mars will remain in Sagittarius either direct or Rx for nearly seven months! (Normal Mars travel is about 6 weeks per sign). The 29th degree of any sign is considered to be critical and portends potentially explosive happenings/actions during this Mars Rx cycle in a fire sign.Venus turned direct 4/20/01. Due to its Rx cycle, Venus also has a long stay in Aries (2/1/-6/6/01). Venus passes its shadow point 17 Aries (the degree at which it turned Rx) on 5/22/01. From here on in, whatever understandings you were meant to glean in important relationships will be obvious. Review your close relationships and the issues that emerged. This Venus wants progress and achievable goals

The Sun, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury are all posited in Gemini and Mars and Pluto are located in the opposite sign of Sagg. Mercury will retrograde in Gemini @ 29 deg. (6/4/01) exactly opposite the point at which Mars made its Rx station. We can anticipate an explosive week ahead (note already the terrible escalation of violence in the Middle East since Mars Rx). Six of ten planets are now located along the Sagg/Gemini axis, until 6/21/01. Gemini/Sagg concerns communication, connecting, learning and the socially conscious and cultural climate. From now through 6/21/01is an intense time energetically. The best scenario would be to come up with brilliant innovative ideas that resolve our current energy crises, for one thing. This combination of factors produces stress for many but also the opportunity to deeply re-think the spin and sources of information available to us and exercise our own mental muscle to resolve issues. Although many positive ideas will be seeded and developed, controversies are likely to continue and heighten as progress and technology are currently in conflict with the environment. Support your beliefs and your future with action to make a difference.


Technological Magic in Action! It's been stated in Planet Weather many times that we are in an unprecedented age of discovery, invention and leaps into a science fiction types of future. Here's a prime example. Very recently, Brigham Young University researches devised a light-imaging technology to read ancient charred and carbonized scrolls dating back to more than 2,000 years ago. Neptune and Uranus are both in Aquarius, and are ruled by the planet Uranus (and Saturn, the old ruler before Uranus was discovered in the 1700's). Neptune/Uranus in the sign Aquarius have to do with the mystery of discovery, including the relevance of both ancient images for our present development and seemingly brand new discoveries for the future evolution of consciousness. There's always a smile when the cosmos reveals its peculiar and delightful symmetry and synchronicity. As Neptune was slowing down to make its Station Retrograde (SR), we hear about this phenomenal breakthrough and window into our past cultural history. Secrets revealed or ancient wisdom brought to the present is definitive of Neptune in Aquarius. The light-imaging techniques using filters to limit bands of light is very Uranus in Aquarius. In most cases infrared light best reflects the black ink on the scrolls. Originally, the scrolls were buried when Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79AD and found at a villa belonging to Julius Caesar's father-in-law. The lava preserved the scrolls for centuries until they were discovered in the 1750's. Thought to be charcoal, many were thrown away because they were so carbonized. About 1,700 scrolls have survived various attempts by scholars to unroll and read them. Now that our curiosity is aroused, what is it that's written on these ancient scrolls? From last week's Planet Weather: "Neptune turns Rx @ 8 Aquarius, on 5/10/01 @ 9:13PM EDT until 10/17/01. Neptune will retrace its path and influence to early January. Expect more secrets to leak out with resulting outrage at lies that were perpetrated. On the positive side, previously perplexing patterns, puzzles and codes including new discoveries in disease control are uncovered and understood."

Remember: Mundane astrological patterns (occurring in the sky now) become most important to you if they connect mathematically to planets/points in your birth chart. Otherwise, these patterns reflect general energetic conditions expressed in society and culture. But you can tap into the collective energy, of course.

Planetary Lineup:

Sun-Gemini, Mercury-Gemini, Venus-Aries, Mars Rx-Sagittarius, Jupiter-Gemini,
Saturn-Gemini, Uranus-Aquarius, Neptune Rx-Aquarius, Pluto Rx-Sagittarius
(Rx means retrograde -- apparent backward motion of a planet as seen from the Earth. SD means Stationary Direct, the resumption of forward motion of a planet.)
Fire - 3, Earth - 2, Air - 6, Water - 0 = Planets in Element distribution. (Since the Moon moves quickly, 2 days per sign, it is not included in the tally -- the Moon moves through each element 3 times per month.) Air leads with six placements, followed by Fire, with three. With a lack of water and earth, natural resources are in the news. Hydropower is low because of droughts in the NW, where many power plants are located. Environmental concerns are endangered with a lack of Water and Earth in current consciousness. Excess air can mean brilliant ideas but without feeling consideration.

Days of the Week and Moon Changes

Sunday, May 20, 2001-Sun enters Gemini @ 7:44PM EDT.
Moon in Aries, Cardinal, Fire (progressive, initiating), VOC @ 10:48AM EDT.
(VOC=Void of Course. The Moon makes no major contact with another planet before it leaves a sign. Indicates disconnected feelings and random, free-floating moods. An easygoing and less-structured time, not the best time for major decisions or starting new projects. VOC ends as the Moon enters the next sign.)
Moon into Taurus, Fixed, Earth (sensual, natural) @ 1:29PM EDT

  • Let your enthusiasm express itself. Choose activities that bring you pure joy and open your heart. Indulge your bliss in whatever increments you can. Shifting gears can leave you a bit dizzy, so slow it down and go for quality not quantity.

    Monday, May 21, 2001 -
    Moon in Taurus.

  • If your reality bends and warps a bit, fear not, it will straighten itself out again. Your emotions wander into nostalgia and various dream states. Don't just dream it, do it! High levels of sensitivity can make you teary, stressed or frustrated.

    Tuesday, May 22, 2001 - New Moon, 2 Gemini @ 10:46PM EDT.
    Moon in Taurus,
    VOC @ 10:46AM EDT.
    Moon into Gemini, Mutable, Air(alert,witty) @ 7:12PM EDT.

  • The New Moon brings renewed alertness and an electric excitement. Ideas spin all around you but consider the source of the information. You'll be looking for some mental stimuli but in your enthusiasm avoid overloading yourself.

    Wednesday, May 23, 2001 -
    Moon in Gemini.

  • Creative and imaginative brainstorming, especially with the input of others, in person, through print or other sources of informative media can provide some missing puzzle pieces. Watch out though, you could easily slip into reactive mode.

    Thursday, May 24, 2001 -
    Moon in Gemini,
    VOC @ 7:12PM EDT.
    Moon into Cancer, Cardinal, Water (family, comfort) @ 10:42PM EDT.

  • There's a definite buzz going down which can be stimulating or simply nervous energy. If you're wired for sound, make sure you don't snap with little or no provocation. Notice if your team-mate is on the same page. Trade opinions & ideas.

    Friday, May 25, 2001 -
    Moon in Cancer.

  • What goes up must come down. So calm yourself and get yourself a massage or a good long lunch. With some commitments looming, set your focus and your runaway emotions and get on task. Getting cozy at home is just right.

    Saturday, May 26, 2001 -
    Moon in Cancer,
    VOC@8:44AM EDT

  • Don't feel neglected, pamper yourself and your loved ones with those special family/friendship rituals that only you can orchestrate so well. Puttering definitely works today. Listen to your feelings and let the little things go. Enjoy family.

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