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Planet WeatherTM for the Week of May 13, 2001
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Mother's Day is May 13, 2001!
Happy Birthday Taurus, Sensualist of the Zodiac! The Sun is in Taurus from 4/19 to 5/20/01.
You're in good Zodiac company with: : Enya, Sigmund Freud, Catherine the Great, Jeddu Krishnamurti. .
Taurus is a fixed, earth (stable) sign ruled by Venus (values).

Because Taurus rules the throat, many Taureans have beautiful voices or have a great appreciation of music and singing. The throat is where we hold emotions and singing is one way of releasing stored emotion. Opera is highly evocative of emotions and appreciated by many with Taurus or Venus (ruler of Taurus) prominent in their birth chart.

Planetary Highlights this week:

OverView -- Pluto Rx(retrograde) Sagg, 3/17/01 to 8/23/01. Neptune Rx Aquarius, 5/10/01 to 10/17/01. Mars (assertion) in Sagittarius from 2/14 to 9/8/01. Mars in fiery Sagittarius turned Rx @ 29 deg. on 5/11/01 until 7/19/01. Due to its Rx cycle, Mars will remain in Sagittarius either direct or Rx for nearly seven months! (Normal Mars travel is about 6 weeks per sign). The 29th degree of any sign is considered to be critical and portends potentially explosive happenings/actions during this Mars Rx cycle in a fire sign.

Saturn in Gemini for the next 2.25 years! We had an early taste of Saturn at just 0 deg. Gemini 8/10-10/16/00. Then it retrograded to finish up its work in Taurus (true value and the bursting bubble of inflated stocks, for instance). Saturn in any sign demands an accounting, a reality check, definition of values and structures that will stand the test of time. Saturn is often fear, challenges, restriction and delays in those areas of life it affects. But, you can be sure that when its journey is completed you will have matured and faced the consequences and responsibilities of prior actions. Saturn also brings reward and recognition but only if it is earned through commitment and diligence. Saturn in Gemini asks us to take responsibility for our words and communication and to define our best ideas and make our ideas manifest or work in reality. We can expect delays in the relaying of information, including transmission and distribution services of all types, until problems are worked out. Learning systems, school curriculum and teacher policies are likely to be overhauled based on past experiences, what works and what doesn't. The demand for answers and solutions to questions and problems is critical.

Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury are all located in Gemini, and Mars and Pluto are located in the opposite sign of Sagg. Mercury will retrograde in Gemini, lengthening its stay in the sign. On 5/20/01, the Sun will enter Gemini, then six of ten planets will be positioned along the Sagg/Gemini axis. Issues concerning education, law, religion, sports, trade, travel, communications and debates on environment and work ethics, among others, will be highlighted and pinpointed. The period between 5/20 and 6/20/01 is one of the most intense times of this year and likely very stressful for many people and for many countries where antagonism is already present. Great positive ideas will be seeded and developed and controversies and differences of opinion will also flare and in some cases heighten. Compassion and healing will be needed to soothe frayed nerves, tempers and too much thinking.


Timothy McVeigh's Execution Stayed. On Friday 5/11/01, the very day Mars turned stationary retrograde (SR), Timothy McVeigh's scheduled death by lethal injection for the Oklahoma City bombing (1995) was postponed. Apparently, the FBI withheld hundreds of documents and reports from McVeigh defense lawyers. The FBI claims it was an accidental oversight. Any retrograde (Rx) carries along with it reversals, and in the case of Mars, reversals of proposed or planned action. Mars, the natural ruler of the first zodiac sign Aries, represents the spark of life, the animating principle. Mars now Rx in another fire sign, Sagittarius also deals with life, the law and the communal or cultural, ethnic values we collectively agree to abide by. This oversight by the FBI could result easily in a retrial of Timothy McVeigh and aptly fits the definition of a Rx planet returning to a previous issue to review, revise, renew and otherwise revisit an earlier decision or conclusion.

Remember: Mundane astrological patterns (occurring in the sky now) become most important to you if they connect mathematically to planets/points in your birth chart. Otherwise, these patterns reflect general energetic conditions expressed in society and culture. But you can tap into the collective energy, of course.

Planetary Lineup:

Sun-Taurus, Mercury-Gemini, Venus-Aries, Mars Rx-Sagittarius, Jupiter-Gemini,
Saturn-Gemini, Uranus-Aquarius, Neptune Rx-Aquarius, Pluto Rx-Sagittarius
(Rx means retrograde -- apparent backward motion of a planet as seen from the Earth. SD means Stationary Direct, the resumption of forward motion of a planet.)
Fire - 3, Earth - 1, Air - 5, Water - 0 = Planets in Element distribution. (Since the Moon moves quickly, 2 days per sign, it is not included in the tally -- the Moon moves through each element 3 times per month.) Air leads with five placements, followed by Fire, with three. Air is intellect, ideas and sociability but can sometimes be dispassionate because of its rational character. Excess air is great for objective research and the acceptance of different opinions or viewpoints. There is no planetary position in water until 6/21/01. To compensate, make room for relaxation, hugs, emotional exchange and understanding.

Days of the Week and Moon Changes

Sunday, May 13, 2001
Moon VOC in Capricorn, Cardinal, Earth (cautious, protective).
(VOC=Void of Course. The Moon makes no major contact with another planet before it leaves a sign. Indicates disconnected feelings and random, free-floating moods. An easygoing and less-structured time, not the best time for major decisions or starting new projects. VOC ends as the Moon enters the next sign.)
Moon into Aquarius, Fixed, Air (independent, erratic) @ 4:20AM EDT.

  • There is a sober quality to the day. Use it to formulate your plans and creative pursuits. Any disciplined activity can bring you to new heights of awareness. Find ways to escape into romantic or inspirational landscapes later in the day.

    Monday, May 14, 2001 -Uniqueness!
    Moon in Aquarius.

  • Energies favor group work and brainstorming for positive, creative solutions with an understanding of future needs. A knotty and complicated conundrum with potential political undercurrents has you struggling for reasonable solutions.

    Tuesday, May 15, 2001 - Last Quarter Moon, 24 Aquarius @ 6:11AM EDT. Creative!
    Moon in Aquarius, VOC @ 2:53PM EDT.
    Moon into Pisces, Mutable, Water (dreamy, artistic) @ 5:01PM EDT.

  • Surprising encounters or events have you questioning reality. Give others a wide berth and the freedom to express their individuality. Refuse going to extremes due to emotional instability. Appreciate the advice of trusted friends. Tell truth.

    Wednesday, May 16, 2001 -
    Moon in Pisces.

  • Refrain from idle gossip but share your best experiences and make others laugh. If you find yourself distracted maybe there's too much on your mind. Prioritize. If you're bored move between projects and stir up your creative juices.

    Thursday, May 17, 2001 -
    Moon in Pisces.

  • Great day for artistic, and inspirational activities. Make room in your schedule for time to dream and imagine, but not while you're on the clock. Better yet, take a personal day! If you fail to pay attention, things will tend to get out of hand.

    Friday, May 18, 2001 -
    Moon in Pisces, VOC @ 2:18AM EDT.
    Moon into Aries, Cardinal, Fire (energetic, quick) @ 4:14AM EDT.

  • "Feisty" is the word for the day and energy is high. Harness that excess spirit and tie up loose ends. If you pace your energies, without getting too far ahead of yourself, you'll find the greatest satisfaction and accomplish your tasks.

    Saturday, May 19, 2001 -
    Moon in Aries,

  • Your energy is infectious, even magnetic. What is it you want to attract? Find ways to share your joyous spirit with the special people in your life. Let your goal be to act with integrity and provide an enhancing experience for all involved.

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