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Planet WeatherTM for the Week of May April 29, 2001
and for the Week of May 6, 2001

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May Day is May 1, 2001!
Happy Birthday Gemini, Communicator of the Zodiac! The Sun is in Taurus from 4/19 to 5/20/01.
You're in good Zodiac company with: :Audrey Hepburn, Duke Ellington, Kate Smith, Randy Quaid. .
Taurus is a fixed, earth (determined) sign ruled by Venus (pleasure).

Taurus is strong and stalwart in its expression. It doesn't easily bend but gives in to sweetness and kindness. Taurus produces nectar to attract the honeybee. Translated into real life, Taurus instinctively knows how to attract what it wants most, including money that brings a measure of security and assures comfort and physical pleasures which Taurus loves.

Planetary Highlights this week:

OverView -- Pluto Rx(retrograde) Sagg, 3/17/01 to 8/23/01. Mars (assertion) in Sagittarius from 2/14 to 9/8/01. Mars Alert! Mars in fiery Sagittarius turns retrograde (Rx) @ 29 deg. on 5/1/01 @ 12:08PM EDT until 7/19/01. Due to its Rx cycle, Mars will remain in Sagittarius either direct or Rx for nearly seven months! (Normal Mars travel is about 6 weeks per sign). Venus turned direct on 4/20/01 @ 12:34AM EDT. Due to its Rx cycle,Venus also has a long stay in Aries (2/1/-6/6/01). Now that the Sun is in Taurus, ruled by Venus and Venus is direct in Aries, expect relationships activities to heat up. Still stops and starts, somewhat fitful proceedings are due to Mars' connection to Venus in Aries (Mars signs), already slowing down, readying to retrograde (see above).

Saturn in Gemini for the next 2.25 years! We had an early taste of Saturn at just 0 dig. Gemini 8/10-10/16/00. Saturn represents definition, structure as well as fear, challenges, restriction and security or protection. Saturn in Gemini, places pressure on communication systems of all kinds be they phones, computers, roadways, rails, cars -- any means of gathering and distributing or connecting information and learning systems, such as schools and students. Student riots over the FTAA is definitive. Students are seeking solid answers to tough questions rather than business as usual and typical spin.

Mercury enters Gemini on 5/6/01 @ 12:53AM EDT. As Mercury enters Gemini it joins Jupiter and Saturn in Gemini and Mars and Pluto in the opposite sign of Sagg. Mercury will Rx in Gemini, increasing its journey in Gemini. Five of ten planets are now located in the Sagg/Gemini axis. Communication of all kinds is key and in high focus. Paying attention to what is said, the meaning beneath the communication will be vital. Stay alert, our world is in a delicate balance and direct and open communication is sorely needed. May and June will prove to be pivotal for events concerning communications, thought processes, distribution of information, travel, media, ideas and philosophical systems, including religious organizations and learning facilities of all kinds.

Jupiter in Gemini opposes Pluto in Sagittarius on 5/6/01. This represents the third and final opposition between these two planets for years to come. The first two oppositions took place last September and October, 2000. This can mean expansion and rallying of the stock market with a swell of optimism. It can also mean poor judgement and failing to consider important consequences. Potential exaggerated ego or gains that won't materialize asks that you choose carefully and remember that all that glitters is not gold.

Neptune Turns Rx @ 8 Aquarius, on 5/10/01 @ 9:13PM EDT until 10/17/01. Neptune will retrace its path and influence to early January. Expect more secrets to leak out with resulting outrage at lies that were perpetrated. On the positive side, previously perplexing patterns, puzzles and codes including new discoveries in disease control are uncovered and understood.

Expect the week of 5/6/01 to be active and emotional with a Full Moon in Scorpio on 5/7/01 and unpredictable with Neptune and mars turning Rx on sequential days -- Thursday 5/10 and Friday 5/11/01. Some very interesting information is likely to spill forth this week. Watch or listen to the news, we are at a critical turning point in global and national and personal philosophical understandings and hopefully greater wisdom. More next week.


Timothy McVeigh's Execution Stayed. On Friday 5/11/01, the very day Mars turned stationary retrograde (SR), Timothy McVeigh's scheduled death by lethal injection for the Oklahoma City bombing (1995) was postponed. Apparently, the FBI withheld hundreds of documents and reports from McVeigh defense lawyers. The FBI claims it was an accidental oversight. Any retrograde (Rx) carries along with it reversals, and in the case of Mars, reversals of proposed or planned action. Mars, the natural ruler of the first zodiac sign Aries, represents the spark of life, the animating principle. Mars now Rx in another fire sign, Sagittarius also deals with life, the law and the communal or cultural, ethnic values we collectively agree to abide by. This oversight by the FBI could result easily in a retrial of Timothy McVeigh and aptly fits the definition of a Rx planet returning to a previous issue to review, revise, renew and otherwise revisit an earlier decision or conclusion.

Remember: Mundane astrological patterns (occurring in the sky now) become most important to you if they connect mathematically to planets/points in your birth chart. Otherwise, these patterns reflect general energetic conditions expressed in society and culture. But you can tap into the collective energy, of course.

Planetary Lineup:

Sun-Taurus, Mercury-Taurus, Venus-Aries, Mars-Sagittarius, Jupiter-Gemini,
Saturn-Gemini, Uranus-Aquarius, Neptune-Aquarius, Pluto Rx-Sagittarius.
(Rx means retrograde -- apparent backward motion of a planet as seen from the Earth. SD means Stationary Direct, the resumption of forward motion of a planet.)
Fire - 3, Earth - 2, Air - 4, Water - 0 = Planets in Element distribution. (Since the Moon moves quickly, 2 days per sign, it is not included in the tally -- the Moon moves through each element 3 times per month.) Air leads with four placements, followed by Fire, with three. There is no planetary position in water until 6/21/01. Water represents our inner or emotional lives, compassion, caring, consideration, sympathy, empathy and the sum total of the emotional expression of humanity. Keep contact with your emotional landscape in the midst of swift moving times.

Days of the Week and Moon Changes

Sunday, April 29, 2001-
Moon VOC in Cancer, Cardinal, Water (clannish, nurturing).
(VOC=Void of Course. The Moon makes no major contact with another planet before it leaves a sign. Indicates disconnected feelings and random, free-floating moods. An easygoing and less-structured time, not the best time for major decisions or starting new projects. VOC ends as the Moon enters the next sign.)
Moon into Leo, Fixed, Fire (loyal, generous) @7:25PM EDT.

  • If you take time to relax today, you'll quickly realize how stressful it's been lately. Spend time puttering at home or re-connecting with comfortable pals, who accept you as you are! Later in the day, give your creative juices expression.

    Monday, April 30, 2001 -First Quarter Moon 10 Leo @ 1:08PM EDT.
    Moon in Leo.

  • Listen to your heart. Imagine how you could surprise someone you love or appreciate with a token of your affection. Be aware, your generosity may exceed your pocketbook. Enthusiasm is full on tilt, so release your troubles and enjoy life.

    Tuesday, May 1, 2001 - May Day!
    Moon in Leo,
    VOC @ 7:43PM EDT.
    Moon into Virgo, Mutable, Earth (precise. crisp) @ 10:16AM EDT.

  • Your emotional state and your ability to communicate could be at odds. Explain yourself as best you can. People are zany, feisty, unpredictable and sometimes aggravating today. Laugh at human foibles and keep your sense of humor.

    Wednesday, May 2, 2001 -
    Moon in Virgo.

  • Back to reality just in time to take care of business, get down to brass tacks and, in general, have a productive day. Annoyances crop up, unreasonable demands made, people disappoint your expectations but then that's life sometimes.

    Thursday, May 3, 2001 -
    Moon in Virgo,
    VOC @ 10:39PM EDT.

  • Take those great ideas and harness them to a sound plan of action. Sharing your ideas with a good friend or colleague helps affirm and confirm your intention, keeping you accountable. Great for detail work and finishing up loose ends.

    Friday, May 4, 2001 -
    Moon VOC in Virgo.
    Moon into Libra, Cardinal, Air (engaging, gracious) @ 12:50AM EDT.

  • Tasks run a bit smoother and people are just that much more helpful, even gracious. Your schmoozing skills can give you a needed edge. After all that interactive effort, you may just want to skip out for a massage or otherwise get lost.

    Saturday, May 5, 2001 - May Day!
    Moon in Libra,

  • Great date day! So find your best buddy or soulmate and plan some fun-sharing activity. Go for something unusual, eclectic or unorthodox to stimulate your senses and give you plenty to discuss and debate later. Practice harmony.

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