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This Week's Specials

Planet Weather for the Week of November 18, 2007

Planet Weather for the Weeks of December 14 & 21, 2008


NewsBits! Full-Moon Aftermath. One result of the intense Full Moon of 12/12/08, was the ice storm that devastated many parts of the Northeast - Massachusetts, Vermont, and Maine. Thousands of people were still without of power days later. The complex energies on that day had to express themselves somehow. The Moon was in Gemini – connections, communications, scattering energy. Mercury ruling Gemini shifted into Capricorn early morning and by early afternoon met Pluto @ 0 Capricorn. That turned out to be a recipe for struggle and deprivation of basic comforts. The Auto-Bailout! Outrage is mounting over the billions Congress has allocated, more than half already spent, to bail out big businesses that have mismanaged and ravaged their companies and helped to ruin people’s lives. Fear of total economic collapse caused Congress to give the billions in the first place, but they failed to place restrictions as to how the funds would be managed. Now come the three big American Auto Corporations, also with hands held out. Congress wants to be more careful this time doling out taxpayer money. The looming reality that is applying the greatest pressure is the impending thousands of layoffs if Ford, Chrysler and GM go belly-up. On Monday, Mars squares Saturn after making difficult connections last Friday at the time Congress failed to reach agreement. Saturn/Mars is applying severe pressure and the White House may override Congress to make a decision. Various Scandals! The Full-Moon formed a grand square in the sky – four or more planets each at right angles (90deg.) to each other and issues came to a head. The Governor of Chicago Rod Blagojevich was arrested on various fraud charges, the most egregious is attempting to sell the empty Senate seat left by Barack Obama to the highest bidder. He refused to resign and impeachment proceedings are being filed. The aspects in his chart (12/10/55) triggering his demise are Neptune/Aquarius square Saturn/Scorpio and Pluto/Capricorn trine Jupiter 1 Virgo. It’s always amazing that these people think they won’t get caught. Then there’s the financier, Bernie Madoff, who created a high-stakes ponzi pyramid scheme and ripped off some well-heeled clients, Steven Spielberg among them, to the tune of billions.


SkyWatch: Moon phase of the week for two weeks: 12/19 -- The Moon enters her Last (aka Third) Quarter phase at 5:29 AM at 27 degrees of Virgo. The Moon now rises ahead of the sun and will be above the horizon in the East when this phase change occurs. 12/27 – The Moon enters her New cycle at 7:22 EST, at 8 degrees of Capricorn, the sign opposite the sign she rules (Cancer) and so considered, astrologically, the sign of Her detriment. Skywatching events for the next two weeks: Venus is a beautiful Evening Star all through December, growing brighter throughout the month and setting later and later. Jupiter sets very early and by the end of the month will be lost in the glare of the Sun. Mars and Mercury are not visible at all during December but Saturn is rising around midnight and, after Venus and Jupiter set, will dominate the night, especially since the Moon will also have set before Saturn rises. As noted in last week’s SkyWatch, the Moon reached perigee, her closest point to the Earth, just before entering her Full phase. This is the closest the Full Moon will come to Earth for more than a decade, so enjoy her brilliant beauty all the more. Space news of the week: NASA and ESA, the European Space Agency, have agreed on a strategic partnership for future robotic missions to explore Mars. The partnership will help both agencies share mounting costs, as well as responsibilities for future missions. "NASA and ESA" -- it has a poetic ring! Go out! Look up!


 Knowing when VOC Moons occur is key to planning your successful week!


The Void-of-course (VOC) Moon is a kind of limbo. As it reaches the end of a sign, the Moon makes no major aspect to another planet before it enters the next sign. VOC is best for less outcome-oriented activity, since VOC often means detours, distractions, drifting, or delays. If you want specific outcomes, or if timeliness is critical, don’t use a VOC Moon time. VOC is best for processing, imagining, creating, and open-ended activities, like parties, research, or cleaning your desk/closet for instance! It is said that when a new action is initiated during VOC, “nothing will come of it,” or energies go in unplanned directions, which may not necessarily be negative.


Week of 12/14/08 – Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the most active energetically and potentially very productive days – more Moon or planetary aspects for engagement with others or projects, and/or producing results. On 12/14/08, the Moon is VOC/Cancer from 5:27PM to 1:22AM EST (next day!) – On 12/16/08, the Moon is VOC/Leo from 7:45PM to 3:36AM EST (next day again!) — On 12/19/08, the Moon is VOC/Virgo from 5:29AM EST to 9:23AM EST.

Week of 12/21/08 – Sunday, Wednesday and Friday are the most active energetically and potentially very productive days – more Moon or planetary aspects for engagement with others or projects, and/or producing results. On 12/21/08, the Moon is VOC Libra from 11:57AM to 6:36PM EST. – On 12/24/08, the Moon is VOC/Scorpio from 12:29AM to 6:13AM EST. On 12/26/08, the Moon is VOC/Sagittarius from 6:25PM to 6:56PM EST.



The following planetary energy patterns flavor the day and are felt or experienced often hours before and after their exact culmination. They remain effective, certainly until the next major planetary pattern comes along to shift the energy gears.


Mars in mutable, fire Sagittarius square (90deg.) Saturn in mutable, earth Virgo @ 21deg. on 12/15/08 @ 5:47PM EST. This aspect ends the harsh, challenging, or stimulating aspects that took place on 12/12/08 between Mars and Uranus, and among Uranus, Mars, Saturn, and the Moon. Now there’s a coming to terms, an obstacle, a feeling of inevitability and/or being in a tight/confined place. Harsh realities need to be evaluated and processed.


The Sun enters cardinal, earth Capricorn – the Winter Solstice (in the Northern Hemisphere) on 12/21/08 @ 7:04AM EST. Oh joy, as we welcome back the light. [In more than one sense, hopefully!] Burn your candle and honor a very ancient ritual. At the winter solstice (in the Northern Hemisphere), we mark the point when we pass the darkest days and gradually gain more daylight. Our spirits emerge from reflection and processing to encounter a more refined level of consciousness or awareness. This year we are particularly challenged, as at that moment of the Solstice, the Sun meets Pluto at the very same degree, 0 Capricorn, which is also known as a critical degree. The whole notion of leadership (the Sun) is transformed. Certainly that is seen in our President-elect Obama. Yet the ramifications of Solstice Sun conjunct Pluto go deeper and farther. We are required to face grave challenges and acknowledge the consequences of that past that have brought us to present circumstances. Pluto in Capricorn demands accountability and vast, sweeping changes in decayed and failing structures. We have only just begun to deconstruct.


Mars enters Capricorn on 12/26/08 @ 2:31AM until 2/4/09. The drumbeat of Capricorn continues as Mars joins Jupiter, Mercury, and the Sun already in the sign. Energy is now heavy in this earth sign that demands action on the serious challenges we face and that are definitely in our face. There is increasing disparity between the CEO’s of the bailout firms and the workers who lost their pensions, 401K’s, and jobs. Where is the integrity? Where is doing what’s right and equitable? The people want to know. With the energy too heavy at the top, the system falls down. Those of you who know the cards of the Major Arcana of the Tarot, we are experiencing the energy of the Tower.


Venus in fixed, air Aquarius conjunct (0deg.) Neptune/Aquarius @ 22deg. on 12/27/08 @ 7:29AM EST.  This is an idealistic combination that has clear vision for the truth – but the truth is clouded, shrouded, and there is disillusionment and disappointment. The disparity between what is and what could be, is great and suffering results. This complex conjunction offers insights and vision for those who want to create a different future. The spiritual properties of this combination are vast – the web of life is stimulated and trembling with possibilities. Collectively, we must choose the right path.



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