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This Week's Specials

Planet Weather for the Week of November 18, 2007

Planet Weather for the Weeks of November 29 & December 6, 2009

NewsBits:  Ft. Hood Massacre. Human error or fate?  When information is available but is minimized or ignored and then tragedy results, is that fate working? I’ve often wondered about that question myself. For instance, when we have an inkling, a premonition, but then discount or disregard it. It seems that is what happened in the case of US Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan, who went on a murderous rampage at Ft. Hood, killing 13 innocent people and wounding 30 others until he was felled. Before the shooting, Hasan had been investigated and watched by the FBI as much as years earlier when it was reported that he was funding an Imam and organization in Pakistan and making regular email contact with a known extremist.

Hasan was born on September 8, 1970 in Arlington County, Virginia to Palestinian Muslims, who emigrated to the US. His chart shows a cluster of 4 planets in Virgo – Mars, Sun and including a strong Mercury/Pluto conjunction, which also makes a trine to Saturn/Taurus. Mercury’s condition in the chart shows us the tendencies of the mind. In the case of Hasan, he has a strong Mercury, placed in one of its own signs. However, the combination of conjunction with Pluto and trine to Saturn gives both a perceptive nature (he was a psychiatrist), but also a tendency to deeply embedded opinions, emotionally tinged and a certain rigidity of thinking, which can just as well express itself as good organizational skills. He was determined and disciplined enough to enlist in the Army right out of High School, graduate from college and rise up the ranks to Major. A cluster in Virgo is often a signal of one who enjoys a certain regimentation and certainly the planned consistency of Army life. There is evidence that Hasan was harassed for his Muslim faith and more recently, just before the shootings, was deeply distressed about his imminent deployment to Afghanistan.

Other important features of Hasan’s chart are his South Node, also in Virgo, conjunct Mars. This pattern indicates a life involved with Martian activity – like the armed services and in the case of Hasan, harassment from other soldiers, which turned to probable anger, disillusionment, and finally, to murder.  Another pattern, Venus conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio, echoes the aforementioned theme of holding on to a way of perceiving and believing and a stubborn determination, arising from a strong emotional core. We do not know the exact degree of his Moon but in the sign Sagittarius it squares some of the cluster of planets in Virgo, creating a dynamic tension between adherence to rules and feeling overwhelmed by those same rules at times. Hasan is still in the hospital, awaiting trial, but his injuries have left him paralyzed from the waist down.

SkyWatch:  Moon phase for the week of 11/29: 12/2 -- The Moon reaches perfect Fullness at 2:30 AM EST, at 10 degrees of Gemini. This Full Moon is universally dubbed the Cold Moon (enough said!) Skywatching events for the week of 11/29: Not much that is visible to the unaided eye is happening up there this week. Mercury is just beginning to be visible very low in the West just after sunset as it sets farther and farther behind the Sun until it reaches its Greatest Eastern Elongation around Christmastime when it turns Retrograde. Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are all visible at various times in the night sky, though the three are very spread out across the nighttime sky.

Moon phase for the week of 12/6: 12/8 -- The Moon enters Her Last (aka Third) Quarter phase at 7:13 PM EST, at 17 of Virgo. Skywatching events for the week of 12/6: 12/10 -- The waning Moon makes a close pass by Saturn high just before the two rise together shortly after midnight as viewed from the US East Coast.

Space news: Space shuttle Atlantis landed at Cape Canaveral in Florida under sunny skies (for a change) to complete an 11-day delivery mission to the International Space Station (ISS). Basically, the astronauts brought the ISS literally tons of spare parts to help keep it going. A crew member's wife gave birth while he was in orbit, and the astronauts celebrated T-day in space. This mission also represents the last crew replacement on the ISS using the Shuttle, due to be retired in 2010, after which Soyuz capsules will be used to transport crew to and from the ISS. Go out! Look up!

Knowing when VOC Moons occur is key to planning your successful week!


The Void-of-course (VOC) Moon is a kind of limbo. As it reaches the end of a sign, the Moon makes no major aspect to another planet before it enters the next sign. VOC is best for less outcome-oriented activity, since VOC often means detours, distractions, drifting, or delays. If you want specific outcomes, or if timeliness is critical, don’t use a VOC Moon time. VOC is best for processing, imagining, creating, and open-ended activities, like parties, research, or cleaning your desk/closet for instance! It is said that when a new action is initiated during VOC, “nothing will come of it,” or energies go in unplanned directions, which may not necessarily be negative.


Week of 11/29/09 – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday are the most active or important days energetically – more Moon or planetary aspects for engagement with other or projects, and stimulation for producing results. Tuesday, Uranus makes a Station Direct. Saturday, Mercury shifts into Capricorn. On 12/1/09, the Moon is VOC/Taurus from 8:39AM to 9:23AM EST – On 12/3/09, the Moon is VOC/Gemini from 5:28AM to 11:01AM EST – On 12/5/09, the Moon is VOC/Cancer from 12:08AM to 12:07PM EST.


Week of 12/6/09 – Monday, and Friday are the most active or important days energetically – more Moon or planetary aspects for engagement with other or projects, and stimulation for producing results. On 12/7/09, the Moon is VOC/Leo from 3:58AM to 2:05PM EST – On 12/9/09, the Moon is VOC/Virgo from 5:04AM to 5:47PM EST – On 12/11/09, the Moon is VOC/Libra from 12:45PM to 11:31PM EST.


 Planet Patterns & Cosmic Headlines for the next few weeks:


Summary: The Uranus Station represents a wake-up call and portends a month with several important planetary changes and conditions. Stay tuned in. President Obama addresses the nation regarding Afghanistan on the same day as the powerful Uranus station and this could be a turning point in his administration.


Uranus turns Stationary Direct @ 22deg. mutable, water Pisces on 12/1/09. This is, of course, an important event and surely there will be a shake-up somewhere to reflect Uranus’ changing direction and consequential need to shift gears. [Note that this is the date on which Obama is scheduled to announce additional troop deployments and other policy re Afghanistan.] Each time a slow-moving planet makes a Station, it creates ripples in the fabric of society. Uranus is known as the awakener, and we can be awakened from our sleep in a myriad of ways – oftentimes shockingly and unexpectedly. At this Station, Uranus is in the last third of the sign Pisces, the last sign of the natural Zodiac, the natural conclusion of a cycle. It will enter the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries (for the first time in 84 years) and begin a new process of renewal, re-invention, new challenges, etc., on 5/28/10, following on the heels of Pluto’s major sign change to Capricorn, (a year or so earlier). As Uranus wraps up its 84-year natural journey in the last sign of the Zodiac, it also signifies a major shift of awareness/consciousness for humanity. We might contemplate what happened in the last 84 years and anticipate what could happen as Uranus starts the journey over again, one spiral up, in the first sign again, Aries. Uranus will move back and forth between Aries/Pisces for most of 2010 and into 2011. It enters Aries for the duration of its seven-year cycle on 3/12/11. Uranus was last in fiery Aries between 1927 – 1934. Those were difficult years filled with economic and political collapse and the need for new methodologies, as well as severe aggression and the incidents that led up to World War II. Those who are disenfranchised will want to exert their anger. We continue to live in interesting times. President Obama speaks to the nation about his plans for Afghanistan and with the Uranus signature, we await an enlightened message, perhaps a greater shift in strategy to bring this conflict to a swifter conclusion.


Venus enters mutable, fire Sagittarius on 12/1/09 until 12/25/09. This Venus prefers the grand scale, the big party, and is somewhat more overindulgent than usual. This indicates a bit of a bubble for the month of December and the inclination to spend in ways that may turn out to be unfortunate. Keep your feet on the ground and take pleasure in smaller measures, as there is great joy in this sign of Venus. The desire to experience the fullness of life can be met in short trips away, or spending time in the great outdoors, flexing the body and adventuring with friends.


**Mercury enters cardinal, earth Capricorn on 12/5/09 until 1/10. Mercury turns Retrograde in this sign on 12/26/09. There’s a good possibility the practical realities embedded in Capricorn will temper the desire to overspend indicated by Venus’ stay in Sagittarius (see above). Mercury in Capricorn can be somewhat dour and tends to see the glass half-empty. This energy errs on the side of caution. It is a planning sign, wants to know as much as possible what will happen next, and seeks to be prepared for any eventuality. Well, good luck with that, but there’s something to say for trying. Seriously, though –this position of Mercury has a great deal of common sense to apply to any situation. Now if you can just shake the wet-blanket off after the planning meeting then all will be copasetic.


Mercury/Capricorn conjunct Pluto/Capricorn @ 2deg. on 12/7/09. Mercury doesn’t get very far before it is forced to meet with Pluto. Now that is a serious and intense conversation. The main purpose is to examine habits and patterns and how they are serving or sabotaging. It’s not about working harder – it about working smarter. Pluto will enable you to dig deeper to find what it is you are trying to satisfy with patterns that are counterproductive. Sometimes, it’s as simple as stepping back and taking a look at what is actually happening on a daily basis and how well you are using your time.


Currently Active Paradigm-Shift Patterns:


Saturn in cardinal, air Libra square (90deg.) Pluto in cardinal, earth Capricorn @ 1deg. on 11/15/09. The first of three squares between these two planets. Saturn in a cardinal air sign is always more active and wants to experience movement or progress. In Libra, Saturn is focused on relationships in general, their equality, and how and what we value, how to engage. Clashes in relationships result when people place a different value on something they are experiencing together. As Saturn/Libra squares (prods or stimulates) Pluto/Capricorn (the collective energy) the demand is to get things done – to evaluate the importance of something in the overall balance of a productive lifestyle. Saturn and Pluto together are demanding, especially in cardinal signs, and often push the envelope big time. This is a time of critical mass, when something has reached a crisis point. Is that what’s happening in your life? Part 2 takes place on 2/1/10.


Saturn enters cardinal, air Libra on 10/29/09. The full cycle lasts until 10/6/12. Saturn retrogrades back into the last three degrees of the previous sign, Virgo, from 4/8/10-7/22/10. We’ve discussed Saturn’s entry into Libra in recent newsletters, and now it is upon us. What can we expect? Possibly not much until the energy starts to merge with the collective. But let’s speak to the greater implications of a new 2.5-year Saturn-sign cycle. Saturn is exalted in Libra. This so-called “essential dignity means there’s more of a commitment to cooperation and harmony among equals. Or, we can say, that is the primary striving in this combination. The collective will be more focused on what is fair and equitable and what is not. Generally, the message is to find the imbalances and rebalance as needed. Where are you giving your commitment and attention? Are the returns you receive what you really want? If not, then adjust those commitments and relationships for greater equality and fairness. Saturn in Libra also asks – what matters and what is valuable? When there is real value, it is easier to make a commitment for a longer time and with greater attention and intention. All major relationships and, in particular, those with Libra Sun, Moon, or Ascendant will be put to the test. Saturn in a cardinal sign is much more proactive, and you may find that you seek order from recent chaos and productivity from prior stress and mess.


Saturn in mutable, earth Virgo opposite (180 deg. angle) Uranus in mutable, water Pisces, Part 3 of 5 was exact on 9/15/09 @ 24degrees. This lengthy (background cultural shift) cycle began on 11/4/08. Technically, it ends in July 2010. This powerful five-part confrontation between the past (Saturn) and the future (Uranus) is disintegrative, after tension and struggle between the old pattern and the new consciousness that wants to arise. As you’ve noted in the news and surely also in your own lives, it’s not an easy transition. It is a powerfully challenging series of cosmic combinations. The sign pair, Virgo/Pisces, I call the functional axis – meaning that if this place in the chart (yours or a country’s) has a problem, the whole system has a problem. Virgo/Pisces is the health of the body and soul – one’s work and the meaning (or not) attached to your work or career. Or, put another way, this pairing symbolizes the mundane and the spiritual (soul) aspects of life. These two parts must find a balance or else there is stress and tension. The most obvious example in the news is the overhaul of US healthcare. It’s also about the accumulation of little things, the endless irritations that pile up and eventually break the smooth functioning of a system. Part Two of this combination took place on 2/5/09 @ 20 deg. The first four oppositions between these two planets take place in the signs Virgo/Pisces, and the last one in the sign pair Aries/Libra. Part 4 is due on 4/27/10.


*Jupiter in fixed air Aquarius conjoined (0deg.) Neptune/Aquarius for the second time @ 26 deg. on 7/10/09. Jupiter and Neptune are still in the throes of their second conjunction – still hovering very close to each other by degree, and still working in the background of social consciousness. The first of three conjunctions (meeting in the same sign and at the same degree) between these two planets took place on 5/27/09, and the third and last takes place on 12/21/09 @ 24degrees. As noted in previous issues of PW, it is rare (and important) to have these two planets that meet by conjunction about every 12 years, make this aspect three separate times in their single cycle! The last triple occurrence of this kind was in 1919-1920, marking the end of World War I. The next time will be in 2047 –2048! This conjunction is meant to bring hope and to inspire us to a wider understanding of what the meaning is of the lives we have lived and wish to continue to live. It also speaks to false hopes and pet illusions that we must understand with greater internal or soul wisdom. Expect some amazing synchronicity to appear in your life. Be aware of all meetings with others, events and involvements, and what these may evoke in you, and if these meetings and events support the purpose and/or direction and overall dream or purpose you hold for your life. This combination is inspiring, creative and spiritual and also serves to dispel illusions.



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