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This Week's Specials

Planet Weather for the Week of October 1, 2006    

SkyWatch Moon phase of the week: 10/6 -- The Moon reaches perfect fullness at 11:13 PM EDT at 13 degrees of Aries. And yes, folks, this is the long-awaited "Harvest Moon," officially defined as the first Full Moon after the September Equinox. (Its name is derived for obvious reasons.) This Full Moon will also be visible at the exact moment that she becomes full, being high in the southern sky in most parts of the U.S. Skywatching event of the week: 10/6 -- Well, this would be the Full Moon also, actually, especially because it IS the Harvest Moon and because it is a perigean Full Moon. That is, this Full Moon closely coincides with lunar perigee, the point at which the Moon comes closest to Earth in its orbit, roughly 222,000 miles close, meaning that this Harvest Moon will look especially big and bright. (High tides will also be higher, the way perigean tides tend to be.) Space news of the week: The world's first woman space tourist, Anousheh Ansari, has been reporting her experiences while in orbit by means of her own blog (aka Weblog). She flew to the International Space Station (ISS) aboard the Russian Soyuz spacecraft carrying the ISS replacement crew last week and just successfully returned to earth. While aboard the ISS, Ms. Ansari posted a very candid online journal of her experiences there, including her initial bout of space sickness. The Internet Address of her blog is Go out! Look up!

This week Monday, Tuesday and Saturday, are the most active and possibly the most productive energy days. You’ll be feeling Full Moon energy strongly by Wednesday. The longest Void-of-Course (VOC) Moon time, during the day – on three days this week, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, the Moon goes VOC @ 4:13PM, 4:33PM, and 4:05PM until after 1AM the next day. VOC is best for less outcome-oriented activity, since VOC often means detours, distractions, or delays. If you want specific outcomes, or if timeliness is critical, choose another day. VOC is best for processing, imagining, and open-ended activities.

** Mercury Retrograde Alert! Mercury enters Fixed, Water Scorpio on Monday, October 2, 2006 @ 12:38AM EDT until 12/7/06. Mercury turns Rx @ 25 Scorpio on 10/28/06. With this Rx, we will be plunged into the deep undertow and underworld of the obsessive, desirous, and research-oriented nature of Scorpio. This bodes well for the elections and I sense there will be a reversal in the political parties in power – as Mercury is Rx for the mid-term elections. More on Election Day patterns later. Mercury in Scorpio aims to get to the bottom of things. It is excellent for staying on track, made more so, if it’s something you really want.

Mars in Cardinal, Air Libra trines (120deg.) Neptune in Fixed, Air Aquarius @ 17deg. on Wednesday, October 4, 2006 @ 8:23AM EDT. This aspect sensitizes one’s actions and one’s awareness of how others may be receiving our initiatives. We may, in fact, become aware of our insensitivities. This aspect can also clue us in to where our blind-spots are. Because this aspect loosens boundaries, we may feel more prone to absorbing the energies and emotions of others and environmental stimuli and could become more easily tired as a result. You may also find yourself in moments of spiritual illumination and states of grace. Be careful, however; the sensitivity of this aspect can also lead to melancholy, when things are not as ideal as one would dream they could be.

SkyPatterns: The way the planets are arranged in the 360 degrees of space (just as they are arranged in a person’s birthchart), tells a story all its own. The big geometric gestalt in the sky these days is essentially a Bowl pattern, albeit a modified bowl. In a Bowl, all the planets are grouped together in one half of the Zodiac or 180 deg., usually with two (or more) planets in opposition forming the rim of the bowl!  These days, the bowl is composed of 9 planets (still calling Pluto a planet – sigh!) with one, Uranus, that reaches out beyond the 180 degrees. Uranus – the rebel. Uranus is in mutable, water Pisces, and the pattern with this modification speaks to the general unease present in the world and possibly in parts of our lives – it could be a feeling of being unsettled, unsure, insecure, tense, hyper-vigilant, with a lurking potential for violence, confusion, melancholy, a loss of meaning, and various other sundry emotions. On the other hand, the lightening bolts of Uranus and the waters of consciousness it pours down to us mortals below can shock or illuminate, as we ponder the finer points of compassion, forgiveness, restoration, unity, connectedness, and the meaning of people, places, and events in our lives. Uranus in Pisces is like a summation of collected feelings and the meaning we have derived from the emotional experiences of our lives – some of which we are just now becoming aware of (that’s the surprise of Uranus – the Awakener). For artists this is the crucible of expression and the determination to honestly and prophetically portray the direction of the culture. Be aware of amazing innovation in the arts, music, and even greater user-friendly technology rapidly emerging. This Uranus focuses on emotional intelligence. The rim of the Bowl of 9 planets is Neptune in fixed, air Aquarius opposite (180deg.) Saturn in fixed, fire Leo - indicating the necessity to question the erosion of integrity and our human rights by misled governmental interference using covert and secretive means to an end. This aspect brings home how important it is to be vigilant and not place our trust blindly in any leader but to watch how leadership power is used and to always question suspicious expressions of power. The rim opposition is another indicator of the general uneasiness that we are living with these days and the possible terror we feel deep within, not only of having been betrayed, or misunderstood, or even mis-represented but the core shock of knowing that we ourselves have to take responsibility and not depend on our leaders to take care of the problems for us (or create new ones, as the case may be!)

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